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For guests interested in a longer stay with us (one month or longer), we encourage you to consider our volunteer program. In exchange for 10-15 hours of work a week in our kitchen, gardens, or with any ongoing projects – we provide accommodations, three healthy meals, and a guided yoga class everyday at a reduced monthly rate of $600.

Over the years, our volunteer program at the Yoga Farm has become one of the most enjoyable aspects of life here. Each month we share a new experience – living, learning, and growing together in a beautiful and challenging environment. Many, many people have now stayed with us under this arrangement, and while it’s always different, it is always rewarding for everyone.

Because we have such a high volume of interest in work trade, a part-time volunteer program like this maximizes the amount of people able to stay with us long term. We enjoy the community atmosphere created by such a division of labor, and it allows everybody to be both involved and free to pursue whatever other activities they’ve come to enjoy.

Volunteer Application

While we have hosted WWOOFers in the past and other full-time volunteers, our current needs are met by a beautiful local couple who work with the Yoga Farm full-time. However, we do offer full work trade to our resident yoga instructors. We host at least one resident yoga instructor each month. In exchange for 6 classes a week, we provide a large private room and three healthy meals a day. Instructors are encouraged to offer private lessons or bodywork to guests and volunteers. We do not ask a percentage, only that the price of services is affordable. We do receive a lot of applications to teach here at the Yoga Farm and we try to take as many new instructors as possible each season. We can’t, however, host everyone. If you don’t hear back from us, don’t hesitate to apply again the following season and keep us informed of your interest in teaching here.  If you are interested in exploring other opportunities similar to the one we offer here, take a look at the work trade and yoga jobs on Yoga Trade. It’s a great way to travel the world and find a lot of other wonderful opportunities.

Yoga Teacher Application

Finally, many people are looking to stay for several months or longer with us. We’ve found that it’s best to plan on one month at first, and then we can go from there in person. It is much easier not to overcommit. That being said, we have had many lovely people over the past few years stay with us for months at a time.

If you have any trouble with the application form, or have questions not answered here, please feel free to contact us at