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Yoga Farm Community Stays

Community is the Heart and Soul of the Yoga Farm. For a few months of the year we host anywhere from 5-15 lovely people who make up the core of the farm and maintain the good vibes we aim to cultivate and perpetuate. A stay with us as a Month Long Community Member includes either a bed, a room, or a cabina, three healthy primarily vegetarian meals a day, and daily yoga taught by our rotating lineup of instructors. Community members can expect to spend around 10 to 15 hours a week participating in farm activities like harvesting, food prep, gardening, building, and daily chores.

Learning and growing together is as big an aspect of community life here as is working together. Daily guided yoga sessions let you deepen your practice, open your heart, and facilitate personal growth. We also ask that all Community Members come prepared to share a skill or an experience with their fellow Yoga Farmers during their time here. This means that, depending on the month, we all get to participate in one or more directed, mind-expanding experience per week! We love it. (Participation in daily asana and attendance of mini-workshops is always optional.) In addition to daily yoga and our member-led mini workshops, our Community Members always gain first hand knowledge of Permaculture and Sustainable Living Practices, both through hands-on projects and directed workshops, while immersed in the awe-inspiring coastal rainforest of our region.

Being here for a month or more also allows more time to deeply connect with the land, water, and people in our broader community. We spend lots of time surfing, swimming, hiking in the rainforest, exploring rivers and nearby waterfalls, and connecting with our friends in the local Tico and Indigenous communities. We are so very lucky to be in this beautiful place surrounded by abundant nature and lovely people; a longer stay lets you fall into the rythm of it all.

Every month here is different depending on what each person and group brings to the table, but we always work together to create an enjoyable, meaningful, and often transformative experience for those involved. We’ve hosted many many people over the years, and are refreshed each season by the heart and enthusiasm folks from all walks of life bring to our space here. We truly believe that there is no better way to thrive than from learning, living, and working together in community.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, please apply here and tell us a little bit about yourself. Everyone is welcome and we try our best to accommodate and include everyone who would like to visit.

Community Accommodations

All yoga farmers receive three meals per day, one yoga class per day, and a place to lay their happy heads.

Our base community stay includes a dormitory accommodation in the Yoga House. Both our dorm rooms are open air, co-ed, and house a maximum of 4 persons each. One calendar month of Yoga Farm Dormitory living is priced at $1200.

West Dorm

We also have other housing options:

Two private rooms are also available in the Yoga House, the Green Room and the Orchid Room. Both can house two people. These are available to one person for rate of $1400 per month. Price for two is $2600.

Green Room

Two twin cabinas, Casa Cacao and Casa Arazá (named for the fruit trees next to them), allow for privacy while still being a stone’s throw from the Yoga House. Each little house has four walls (that’s not normal for us!), a balcony with a hammock, a double bed, and its own shower. Casa Cacao and Casa Arazá dwellers share composting toilets with Yoga House dwellers. One month of living in either of these two cabinas is $1800 for one yoga farmer, $3000 for two yoga farmers.

Casa Arazá

If any of these housing options appeal to you, please let us know via email! If the space you’re looking for is available we’ll send you a link to make a separate deposit.

Please note: Community Members stays begin and end of the first and last day of the each calendar month that we are open. Also, not all months are open to Community Member Stays as we work around our Training and Workshop and Retreat Schedule. If you are looking for a shorter visit to The Yoga Farm, please join us through one of our upcoming retreats, trainings, or workshops.