Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know before I come?

We live at the top of a large hill overlooking the Pacific. It is an intense, 15 minute uphill walk up a steep dirt road. Anyone interested in visiting and staying with us should be fit enough to do the walk on a daily basis.

Second, we are committed to sustainable living and that includes composting toilets. Be comfortable with this kind of thing 😉

What is life like on the Yoga Farm?

So glad you asked 😉 Please read our webpage, A Day in the Life of a Yoga Farmer.

Where is the nearest Internet and phone?

We now have Wifi onsite, in the Yoga House. We ask everyone to be conscious of their use of the internet and do their best to stay connected to the physical world and beings right around them. Phones should be silenced when not in use, and no phones are allowed on the Yoga Deck.  For those who are in the country for a bit longer and have an unlocked phone, we recommend purchasing a Costa Rican cell phone chip (Kolbi is our service provider) at the airport and prepaying for your phone service. This way you can communicate with folks at home from anywhere in town as well as from the Yoga House.

Can I receive mail?

There is no mail service.

Do I need a visa?

Depends on your country. Check with your consulate.

Can I smoke?

You can smoke out on the road, downwind from the main house.

Can I drink alcohol?

You are welcome to enjoy some wine with dinner, or drink down at the beach or at a local bar. We do, however, ask that you refrain from bringing hard liquor to the farm and no drinking is allowed near the main house or yoga space. In general we are trying to encourage a healthy, rejuvenating atmosphere, so please use your best judgment.

How far away is the beach?

A 10 minute walk downhill.

Do I need immunizations ?

Check this with your doctors back home.

How many people are there?

Varies; generally 10 – 20.

How fit should I be?

We live active and healthy lives here because we choose to, and also because the environment fosters it. Be prepared for daily walking in hilly terrain, manual tasks, and rewarding sleep. We have had people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities stay with us, but please keep in mind that the nearest medical care is increasingly far away, depending on the severity of one’s condition.

How far is the nearest medical care?

Two of us are trained in wilderness first aid/EMT, there are caregivers nearby in Pavones capable of dealing with minor injuries, and there is a snakebite clinic in Comte and a hospital in Golfito. In the case of severe injury, evacuations to San Jose can be arranged. We will do anything we can in the event of an emergency, but please know your own limits and needs in regards to your health.

What should I bring?

Less than you think – pack lightly! You will not need jeans at the Yoga Farm. Also, keep in mind, we live in a rainforest. Please do not bring items that take days to dry. Bring a Flashlight/headlamp, a good book, and any personal medications or toiletries you may require. Bathing suit is a must have. Please try to bring biodegradable soaps, shampoos, and only hygiene products that contain natural ingredients when possible.
We do have sufficient solar power to charge ipods, cameras, small computers etc., but please don’t bring anything too big, noisy, or things that you don’t plan to take back with you.