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The Land

The Yoga Farm is set in the hills overlooking the beautiful empty beaches of Punta Banco. Surrounded by coastal rainforest, patches of farmland, and the Guayami Indigenous Reserve, this remote area of Costa Rica is geographically, biologically, and culturally diverse. There are plenty of opportunities to explore the forest with local guides, visit indigenous homesteads, as well as relax and play on a beach that is uncrowded by tourism or nightlife.

Fruit trees and plant edibles are abundant in our landscape, and we add to the harvestable amount of plant life on the property every season. We grow several varieties of bananas, three kinds of mangoes, pineapples, papayas, guanabana, coconuts, anona, jackfruit, starfruit, citrus, water apples, cinnamon, cacao, perennial greens, herbs, our own yoga farm bred chilis, bamboo, beans and peas, yuca, and pejibaye to name a few. Two fresh water springs provide crystal clear drinking water.

Our main house is a large two story building with a great breeze and beautiful view of the ocean from the open air, wood-floored yoga deck. The first floor houses guests, amenities, and communal space. Our kitchen, or rancho, is set apart from the main house, where we prepare and serve meals in a large family style fashion.

Finally, we have three private cabinas which are available upon request. They are set apart the rest of the property and provide individuals or couples with a more private place to relax. There tends to be more wildlife seen from these areas as well, and our sunrise cabina in particular looks out upon a beautiful forested valley.