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Getting to The Yoga Farm

To get to the Yoga Farm make your way to Punta Banco. There are several ways to get there:

1. After flying into San Jose International Airprot, you must first make your way to Golfito which you can do by either bus or domestic flight. [see side bar]

2. From Golfito, the easiest way to get to Punta Banco is by taking a taxi, which should cost about $80 one way. Ask for a taxi with 4 wheel drive (quatro por quatro), which is not absolutely necessary but will come in handy as they will be able to drive you up the hill right to the farm. Most of the taxi drivers are helpful, honest and reliable. We often refer people to a man called Alex. His local phone number is 8826-0800 (international: +506 8826 0800), if he is busy he can hook you up with one of his drivers. If Alex and his drivers are busy anyone else can help. See From Punta Banco to The Yoga Farm below.

If you need to stay the night in Golfito, we recommend Hostal del Mar. It’s safe, clean, quiet, affordable, and beautiful.

By Bus:
Take the 3 pm bus (the bus can be picked up right in front of Hotel Golfito) from Golfito to Punta Banco, do not get off in Pavones, it’s the next town after Pavones.
See From Punta Banco to The Yoga Farm below.

Bus travelers from Panama:
-From Paso Canoas take the collective taxi to Laurel, leave Paso Canoas by 2 pm.
-From Laurel take the bus to Comte.
-From Comte switch buses and take the bus headed to Punta Banco. Do not get off in Pavones, it’s the next town after Pavones.
You can also take a taxi from Paso Canoas right to the farm. Ask for a four wheel drive taxi as it will be able to take you right up the hill to the farm (approximate cost $65 for taxi).

From Punta Banco to The Yoga Farm:
When you get to Punta Banco go to the end of the road where you will see a little touristy place called Rancho Burrica. From there take the road going up the hill to the left, go up this road until you get to the first gate on your left, go through the gate and keep walking up the hill. The Yoga Farm is the first place you get to on the left side of the road after the gate. The walk is a brisk 10-15-minute hike up a steep hill.

**Important if you are getting in to Punta Banco on the late bus from the Golfito or the bus from Pasa Canoas be prepared to start walking up the hill right away as it gets dark soon after the bus gets in. Be prepared and have a flashlight. Usually we will be down below the garden in the kitchen. Follow the signs.

**Remember there are no banks and bank machines around so bring enough cash for all your needs, US dollars and colones (the local currency) are widely accepted in Costa Rica.

Getting to Golfito

By Air:
From San Jose Airport, fly to Golfito. A domestic airline called Sansa has morning and afternoon flights that cost about $90 one way. You can book with them in advance from your home country. Take the earliest flight that is available to you.

By Bus: When you get to San Jose go to the Tracopa bus station and take the first bus to Golfito leaving at 7am every morning. It should cost around $15. In Golfito there is only a short wait before picking up your connection to Punta Banco.