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Teachers & Groups

Teach at the Yoga Farm

We offer full work trade to our resident yoga instructors. We host at least one resident yoga instructor each month. In exchange for 6 classes a week, we provide a large private room and three healthy meals a day. Instructors are encouraged to offer private lessons or bodywork to guests and volunteers. We do not ask a percentage, only that the price of services is affordable. We do receive a lot of applications to teach here at the Yoga Farm and we try to take as many new instructors as possible each season. We can’t, however, host everyone. If you don’t hear back from us, don’t hesitate to apply again the following season and keep us informed of your interest in teaching here.  If you are interested in exploring other opportunities similar to the one we offer here, take a look at the work trade and yoga jobs on Yoga Trade. It’s a great way to travel the world and find a lot of other wonderful opportunities.

We also encourage teachers to host one or more workshops while they’re here. Please see our Groups, Workshops, and Trainings section below.

If you have any trouble with the application form, or have questions not answered here, please feel free to contact us at theyogafarm@gmail.com.

Groups, Workshops, and Trainings

We can happily accommodate groups of up to 12 people.

Please begin by contacting us to be sure that your ideas are in accordance with our values and routine. Then we’ll discuss dates. Each year is different, so we recommend contacting us around 9 months to one year in advance so we can all plan accordingly. 

For current pricing and available accommodations for your group please contact us.


We define a workshop as an affordable learning experience held in addition to daily activities at the farm. It’s fun to have a little shake up now and again, and we are open to an array of topics — anything from yoga philosophy to birding to break-dancing. 

Programs that work well are laid back and require very little local organizing and infrastrucure. Life here in and of itself is restoring, and just a little programming goes a long way. We discourage groups looking for a luxurious retreat atmosphere. We provide a rustic, real experience for travelers. If participants know that ahead of time and have read our website thoroughly, everything should go smoothly. Utilize the yoga deck, the ocean, the rivers, the gardens. Bring people to town to meet locals. Group surf lessons and horseback rides are always fun – we can put you in touch directly with great people who offer these sorts of tours and activities. 

Teachers and facilitators, please contact us one year to 9 months in advance of your desired workshop date and we can begin making plans.


We love to host trainings at the Yoga Farm – topics range from Yoga Teacher Trainings to Thai Massage to  Permaculture Design Certificate Courses. If you would like to lead a training for up to 12 participants here at the Yoga Farm, please contact us and we can see if our simple facilities suit your needs. 

Notes for Prospective Group Leaders and Organizers:

We do encourage group leaders to come to the farm as a guest or volunteer before planning an event here. It helps to get the lay of the land first.

Group Reservation Policy:

You, the group leader, are solely responsible for the spaces you have reserved. Once you, the group leader, have reserved your beds/rooms, you are responsible for the price of each space, filled or not. Deposits are non-refundable, and payment for the spaces reserved is due, in full, three months prior to the workshop. Payment is not refundable within three months of start date.

Advertising: We will put your publicity materials up on our Homepage and Events pages.  Please ask Pat for specifics about file sizes and types of all flyers, images, etc. and contact us for further publicity options.

If this all sounds good to you, please reach out! We would love to chat about the possibilities.