Groups & Workshops

Policy for Group Reservations:

It’s simple to visit the Yoga Farm as a group, but our policy regarding these events tends to differ from most other yoga facilities. Each member of your group should make an individual reservation through our online reservation system. They’ll do this by visiting our “reservations” page and choosing their own accommodation based on availability and paying a deposit. We do not take reservations through third parties (i.e. yoga instructors, other studios, retreat organizers, etc). You, as an instructor/organizer, can however make use of our yoga space with your group during your stay anytime outside of our regularly scheduled events.

Important! Reservations at the farm are always made on a first come, first served basis. If you want to ensure that your favorite student attends your workshop, please see that they make their own reservation early! (Sometimes months in advance.)

We receive a lot of requests from people looking to host group retreats and trainings at our facility. While our bamboo gates are open all season long to guests, volunteers, and instructors, we don’t take group reservations, offer discounted group rates, or hold space for prepackaged events. We have our own program here including farm work, natural building projects, and community living, so we do not rent out our entire facility. Please keep the above reservation policy in mind as you plan your event. We are aware this is unconventional for most yoga centers and may not work with your planned trip.

We are, however, stoked on Workshops!

Workshop Policy for Prospective Organizers:

We love to host workshops at the Yoga Farm. We define a workshop as an affordable learning experience held in addition to daily activities at the farm. Workshops are billed separately from the attendee’s stay at the Yoga Farm. It’s fun to have a little shake up now and again, and we are open to an array of topics — anything from yoga philosophy to birding to break-dancing. The workshop should be open to but not mandatory for all guests and volunteers at the farm during those dates. As we make no extra profit on workshops, you the teacher will be paying for your own accommodation on or off the farm during those dates.

If you’ve got an idea for a fun workshop to offer in addition to daily farm life, get in touch! We’ll see if it fits our evolving schedule. Contact us well in advance so we can talk about the details and put your publicity materials on our site.

Thank you!
See you soon and PuraVida.

Pat and Christie.