Groups & Workshops

Policy for Group Reservations:

It’s simple to visit the Yoga Farm as a group.

Please begin by contacting us to be sure that your ideas are in accordance with our values and routine. After that, just visit our reservations page: pick the days you’d like to come, the number of beds you’d like to reserve, and make your deposit 🙂 We recommend reserving your spaces at least six months prior to the start date of your workshop as our calendar fills quickly with individual reservations. 

While our bamboo gates are open all season long to guests, volunteers, and instructors, we don’t offer discounted group rates. We have our own program here including farm work, natural building projects, and community living, so we do not rent out our entire facility. We are aware this is unconventional for most yoga centers and may not work with your planned trip.


We define a workshop as an affordable learning experience held in addition to daily activities at the farm. It’s fun to have a little shake up now and again, and we are open to an array of topics — anything from yoga philosophy to birding to break-dancing. The workshop should be open to but not mandatory for all guests and volunteers at the farm during those dates. As we make no extra profit on workshops, you the teacher will be paying for your own accommodation on or off the farm during those dates.

Programs that work well are laid back and require very little local organizing and infrastrucure. Life here in and of itself is restoring, and just a little programming goes a long way. We discourage groups looking for a luxurious retreat atmosphere. We provide a rustic, real experience for travelers. If participants know that ahead of time and have read our website thoroughly, everything should go smoothly. Utilize the yoga deck, the ocean, the rivers, the gardens. Bring people to town to meet locals. Group surf lessons and horseback rides are always fun – we can put you in touch directly with great people who offer these sorts of tours and activities. 

Notes for Prospective Group Leaders and Organizers:

We do encourage group leaders to come to the farm as a guest or volunteer before planning an event here. It helps to get the lay of the land first.

Group Reservation Policy:

You, the group leader, are solely responsible for the spaces you have reserved. Once you, the group leader, have reserved your beds/rooms, you are responsible for the price of each space, filled or not. Deposits are non-refundable, and payment for the spaces reserved is due, in full, three months prior to the workshop. Payment is not refundable within three months of start date.

You are responsible for providing your own publicity materials, and for any advertising. We would love to put your publicity materials on our site. Please contact Pat for specifics about file sizes and types of all flyers, images, etc.

If this all sounds good to you, please reach out! We would love to chat about the possibilities.

Pat and Christie.