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The Vision

Our hope for the Yoga Farm has always been threefold: To build community, to structure our lives around environmentally sustainable ethics, and to promote and provide a healthy yogic lifestyle.


Our sense of community here is less typical than most intentional community projects. We see ourselves as a network of those who currently live with us, those who have in the past, those who support the Yoga Farm and live nearby, and those with whom we share the surrounding landscape and resources. We are not an insular or dogmatic enterprise, but rather an association of individuals, from disparate backgrounds, sharing common goals and common experience, whether they be of a spiritual or geographic nature. There are many sides to the Yoga Farm and we welcome you to come explore them with us.


From the beginning, The Yoga Farm has been a sustainable living project built around a core belief in environmental ethics. Guided by tenets of permaculture design, the original farm was built to restore and make use of the land on which we live. Our aim is to minimize our negative impacts on the earth and make positive change wherever possible, through both direct impact and information exchange with those who come to stay with us. We are working towards sustainability on various fronts. To date, the yoga farm is powered entirely by solar energy, and a rain and spring-fed water system provides for our water needs. A small flock of free range chickens gives us eggs and fertilizer. We care for our vegetable garden and fruit trees organically, with special attention to soil health. Eating off the land is a daily part of life here at the yoga farm, but as we cannot provide for all our needs we do our best to source the rest of our food as locally and sustainably as possible. Composting is a large part of our life as well, as we compost both kitchen and human waste. Last but not least, a horse named MoMo helps us keep our CO2 emissions low by carrying our provisions up to the farm.

That said, there is seemingly endless room for improvement, and many ways in which we would like to become more self-sufficient and shrink the size of our footprint upon the earth. Goals include: increased food production, improved grey water systems, erosion reduction, seeding and replanting of native rainforest trees on the property, waste reduction, and in-town recycling. While we have several new projects underway, we encourage anyone with a given area of expertise, or simply anybody interested in working here with us, to see our volunteer section or contact us directly.


Whether you stay for a few days or a few months, we provide every person living here three primarily vegetarian meals each day, along with one yoga session per day six days a week, and plenty of room to breathe. Our drinking water is provided by two delicious springs, and the air around us is as clean as anywhere on Earth. By virtue of our location, daily life provides a refreshing amount of exercise, as the beach lends a serene backdrop to the days.
The Yoga Farm is a place for people who want to be surrounded by breathaking nature, practice yoga, eat healthy food, hike the forest, enjoy the beach, slow down, unwind, breath lots of fresh air and re-connect…