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Ways to Stay

2023 Calendar & Events

We always try and organize our seasons month to month. Each month with a different theme and energy to it. Of the six months we are open, there are two distinct acts. January to March is dryer and better for building, star gazing, and frolicking in small playful waves. April to June is lush, full of fruit and prone to slamming swell and rainbows.

January //

Closed for Construction and Community Building!

This January, we will be spending some quality time with our old friends and new partners. We’ll be rooting down, working together, and playing in the jungle and ocean. We’ll get the garden going for the season, and continue to work on our new cabinitas. Just us this month.

February //

Partners month plus Sensory Connection week with Dana Rivkin

Continuing into February, we’ll be keeping our space open for our new partners and letting new ideas take root. And, for the last week of February, 2/18 to 2/24, we look forward to working with our new partner and old friend, Dana Rivkin, to provide a weeklong immersion and exploration of our inner worlds via connection with our physical selves. Yoga, nature, food, writing, connection – all the good stuff! Learn more about Dana and the week here!

March //

Soul School with Sierra Madre and Adayna Janelle

March is booked with new friends of the farm, Sierra Madre and Adayna Janelle, and their month long multifaceted YTT, which incorporates a solid foundation in asana, anatomy, and philosophy, as well as reiki! Get in touch with Sierra directly to save your spot for next year!

April //

Deep Ecology of Wellness

A Creative Residency hosted by Yoga Trade

Spend a full lunar cycle (one month) living off grid in the jungle at the Yoga Farm in Costa Rica. Focus on a personal creative project while also being part of and supported by a collective. This residency is rooted in wellness, creativity, community, and regenerative living. Connect deeply with nature, practice yoga daily, and engage in weekly workshops. Learn from experienced facilitators: Yoga Trade founders + friends, local guides, and surprise guest teachers – while also having the opportunity to share your gifts and connect with a cohort. A well balanced blend of structured activities and free time.

This program is designed with yoga teachers, wellness professionals, and/or nature enthusiasts in mind. But really, it is for anyone who desires time + space + support for bringing a creative project or entrepreneurial idea to life! It is also for those who are looking to reignite the inner spark, live simply, connect with community, and allow the jungle and warm sea to stimulate the creative brain. There is no previous experience necessary, only the craving to learn and grow.

May //

Student Group!

Students from Stetson University will be here this May, learning, living, working, and playing together in community. We’ll talk permaculture, ecologically and socially responsible business, ecology, and much more, all with hands-on components. This will be our first time working with Stetson University and we very much look forward to it.

June //

Metta Morphosis:

June 4th through 12th 2023

A heart-warming week in the jungle, centered around creating a more peaceful world, starting from the inside out. We will move our bodies and engage our minds in daily asana, meditation, time in nature, and in workshops focused on self awareness, compassion, and conscious communication. We’ll be working from the foundations of Engaged Buddhism, Permaculture, and Yogic